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DIY Info Guide

Using the DIY Kit. If needed, please refer to the video demonstrations of each step.

Coloring the Puppet

Color the puppets with acrylic paint, permanent markers, or traditional Chinese ink. Anything works! 

Assembling the Puppet

Connect the puppet's separate pieces with split pins (included in your DIY Puppet Kit). You should find holes at the end of each limb or body part. Assemble these puppet pieces in a logical manner, line up the holes, and assemble them with the split pins. For mobile joints, do not pin too tightly. 

Adding Control Rods

Fit the hooked end of control rods into holes on the puppet, usually located at the top of a puppet or on its hands. You should find a hole for this purpose on each separate part of the puppet and fit control rods into them.

Setting up the Stage

The briefcase-like box holding your puppets is a puppet stage. It contains a puppet screen. All you have to do is open the box up (like a laptop), stick some puppets onto the fabric, obtain a backlight source, and enjoy the show! 

DIY Info Guide: Video
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