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Through selling DIY puppetry kits, I hope to raise awareness for this intangible art form and bring this cultural pearl to more people. Hopefully, the interactive product can reignite passions in traditional arts in an age of fast entertainment.

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Buyer's Guide

For shadow and glove puppetry DIY kit purchases: 

You should first buy the DIY box, and then select the puppets to go with your kit. 

The puppets from the Journey to the West collection are based on Mr. Wang Weiji's traditional designs, which have been passed down for generations by puppeteers before him.

Prices are listed in USD. For payments in RMB, please scroll further down this page and pay via the WeChat Pay QR code. For payments in all other currencies, please proceed with the shopping cart.

Note on Shipping Information: Please provide your shipping address in the "Add a note" section when you pay.


WeChat Pay

For Payments in RMB, please scan this WeChat Pay QR code. Items would be shipped as soon as your payment is received.

For payments in USD, please proceed through the shopping cart.


Visit the DIY INFO GUIDE page!



All profits from Puppet Project's sales are donated to the Bridge to China (Wu Zhi Qiao) Charitable Foundation, the organization that hosted my first trip to Gansu, Macha.

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